Photo verification

How and why we verify your profile photo

Written by Andrew Hong
Updated over a week ago

At Hank, we value the safety of our member community. We’re constantly improving ways to help make our community as secure as possible.

Why we verify

We verify all profile photos uploaded to profiles to ensure that an account is not fake or operated by a robot.

How we verify

We use an automated process and human moderators to ensure that members are who they represent themselves to be.

Why is my profile photo being rejected?

If your photo is being rejected, it does not follow our Photo Guidelines:

  • Profile photos must be a recent picture of yourself where you can clearly see your face

  • No nudity or pornography

  • No photos of illegal activity

Your photo may also include too many people, making it difficult to identify which person in the photo you are.

If you have any issues with verifying a photo for your account or believe your account has been blocked inappropriately, please contact our Support Team at [email protected].

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