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How do I fill out to my profile?
How do I fill out to my profile?
Written by Andrew Hong
Updated over a week ago

At Hank, we encourage you to fill out your profile. We've found that the more information about yourself you add, the easier it will be for other members to initiate conversations with you. If everyone fills out their profiles, it's easier to find what you have in common with other members!

Adding information to your profile

  1. Go to your Profile

    1. On mobile, you can find it in the bottom right of your screen

    2. On desktop, you can find it by clicking on "Account" in the top right of the screen and then clicking on "Your profile"

  2. Click on the "Edit profile" button

  3. Click on the "Edit" button to add or change information in your profile

  4. Make sure to "Save" any changes that you make!

What kind of information can I add to my profile?

  • A profile image

  • A short bio

  • Badges for Your Interests

  • Why you joined Hank

  • Your family (Are you a parent? Grandparent? Pet pawrent?)

  • Your career

  • Your education

  • Relationship status

  • Profile prompts (pre-set questions that you can answer to showcase your personality)

When filling out your profile, you can keep things as general or as specific as you are comfortable with. For instance, you do not need to add your graduating year when entering your education, or you can say something like "Teacher" instead of "Elementary Math Teacher" for your career. Write what feels right to you!

If you have any issues with verifying a photo for your account or believe your account has been blocked inappropriately, please contact our Support Team at [email protected].

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