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No-shows and Cancellations
No-shows and Cancellations
Written by Andrew Hong
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Hank activities are at their best when everyone who signed up for an activity commits to showing up. Not showing up for activities can result in members spending time looking for others who aren't actually there, or activities filling up with potential no-shows and blocking out members who are committed to showing up.

In order to create a positive in-person experience for everyone, certain activities may have a nominal fee charged when members decline to show up for an activity that they've signed up for, or cancel close to the start of an activity.

How do I know if an activity has a no-show or late cancellation fee?

Activities with a no-show or late cancellation fee will have the policy clearly stated on the Activity page under the "No-show policy" section.

You will also be prompted to acknowledge the no-show policy when you click on the Attend activity button.

Where do the funds for the no-show policy go?

Charges from violations of the no-show policy are put towards the cost of hosting activities at reduced or no cost to Hank members.

Extenuating circumstances

We understand that sometimes life happens, emergencies arise, and you may be unable to attend an activity. If so, please contact us at [email protected] and let us know your situation.

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